Cyber Clean Professional Cleaning Compound Modern Cup

Cyber Clean Professional Cleaning Compound Modern Cup

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  • The original Cyber Clean Professional cleaning compound from Switzerland for cleaning and disinfecting keyboards, electronic devices and all highly structured surfaces.
  • Absorbs dirt and dust particles from all spaces and surfaces. Does not release moisture and is therefore particularly suitable for cleaning sensitive surfaces and electronic devices.
  • Hygienically prevents by proven removal of 99.99% of germs, bacteria and enveloped viruses from everyday use objects and thus reduces the overall risk of infection. For a healthy living environment, hygiene and well-being in the household, at work and on the go.
  • The effectiveness and safety of Cyber Clean Professional has been tested by accredited laboratories in Germany and confirmed according to the DGHM-2002 test standard (eliminates 99.99% of bacteria and fungi) and EN 14476 (eliminates 99.99% of all enveloped viruses).
  • Patented cleaning formula with refreshing lime fragrance. Based on natural ingredients and reusable many times until the maximum dirt absorption capacity is reached. Leaves no residue on surfaces and hands. 160 g in a modern cup.


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